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Luxury and Beautiful Niyama Hotel for the Modern Traveler

August 1, 2012 Villa  

Luxury Niyama Hotel Maldives

Niyama Hotel is luxuriant retreat for any guests with a tailored atmosphere suited for the modern traveler. This luxuriant house is known as the Maldivian paradise surrounded by unspoiled blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The retreat has every comforts include 86 over-water or on-land studios and pavilions. A private pools, the LIME spa, tropical and international cuisine, poolside cocktails or beach bites. Cozy outdoor furniture likes open air bedrooms to enjoy ocean stunning views. A coconut plant surrounding the hotel making environment fresher and beautiful, outdoor mini bar with white sand and offering unique moments and reconstructing the idea of modern Maldivian paradise. For more information please visit NIYAMA

modern retreat Niyama Hotel

living area Niyama Hotel

modern Niyama Hotel Maldives

outdoor furniture Niyama Hotel

lounge area Niyama Hotel

bedroom area Niyama Hotel

outdoor design Maldives Niyama Hotel

private swiming pool Niyama Hotel

backyard Niyama Hotel

outdoor terrace Niyama Hotel

outdoor design Niyama Hotel

modern bathroom area Niyama Hotel

outdoor mini bar Niyama Hotel

Niyama Hotel Maldives paradise

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