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Luxurious Curved Chairs for Reading Space by Claudio D’amore – Khosa

October 8, 2011 Furniture  

unique curved chair by Claudio D'amore Khosa

We called Khosa is a unique curved chairs, not jus a chair, but a space for meditation. More specifically reading space, designed by Claudio D’amore. An innovative design, this exceptional object consists of 33 strips of wood machined one by one then assembled by hand with a watchmaker’s precision. 10 niches provide spaces to store one’s favourite books, always within easy reach. With its pure, enveloping aesthetics and shapely lines drawn to embrace harmoniously the body’s curves, Kosha combines a strong and timeless design with faultless ergonomics. Curved chair is waiting to be placed by a huge window in an open space, in a contemporary study or even in a garden.

Khosa unique curved chair by Claudio D'amore


lounge chairby Claudio D'amore Khosa

lounge chair Khosa by Claudio D'amore

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