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Loopita Bonita an Inovatif Double Patio Lounger

April 13, 2011 Furniture  

contemporary lounge chair loopita bonita

Victor M. Aleman has designed an inovatif double patio lounger – Loopita Bonita. This double seat is the perfect place for two people and makes the atmosphere more romantic. You can doing activity like  sunbathing, reading, chatting or napping, face to face.  The Loopita Bonita lounger makes a striking addition poolside or on your patio. Victor M. Aleman is inspired by the rollercoaster, so  poured in shape dramatic curves that are just as exciting in chair form. is very amazing double patio lounger. For more information pleas visit coroflot

modern  chair loopita bonita

lounge chair design loopita bonita

romantic  lounge chair loopita bonita

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