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Lake in Sweden Gives an Idea Architect John Robert Nilsson to Build a Dream House

December 4, 2010 House Design  

living room  dream home in swedish

A lake in Sweden with such stunning scenery inspired the architect John Robert Nilsson to build a house. Large glass is placed so that we can see the natural scenery, so we can feel in the room. This house was designed with clear lines and clean.  Very few materials were used in its construction. Limestone, silvery white ash, matte white painted walls and ceilings characterize the house from the inside. The exterior is done in brown with black puff, tar paper, steel and lots of dark colors. The contrast of the interior and the exterior is easily noticeable thanks to clean rooms with large glazed walls. Not only that when this house tonight to give the feel warm. Even the surrounding rocks will provide new inspiration for you. [ Skeppsholmen ]

Views a lake dream home in swedish

sunset  dream home in swedish

pool & living room  dream home in swedish

so natural  dream home in swedish

at night  dream home in swedish

bathroom  dream home in swedish

seen from above dream home in swedish

a lake  dream home in swedish

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