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Impressive… Laurel Residence Designed by Studio MT

August 8, 2011 Architecture  

beautiful pool in Laurel Residence

Here is an impressive designs It’s called the Laurel Residence and   it’s a very practical house, homes with lots of interesting features and attractive designs situated in Houston, Texas. The Laurel Residence designed by  StudioMT and has  designed for  the convenience of anyone who will occupy this house. with 2 level rooms and spacious open courtyard and elegant pool.  On the inside, the whole place is organized around a large entertainment area including kitchen, dining and living room. A loft space is located at the intersection of private and public spaces. The show offers subtle transition to a large open courtyard, where you can relax and admire the surroundings or play with friends. The residence also has large windows allowing natural light to enter.  Beautiful furniture in the Laurel Residence and  using contemporary style like a white sofa, naturals scheme at kitchens, very attractive and impressive live at Laurel Residence.

contemporary Laurel Residence by Studio MT

Contemporary livingroom by Studio MT

cozy livingroom area by Studio MT

Contemporary Residence by Studio MT

modern residence by Studio MT

Contemporary kitchen design by Studio MT

contemporary lounge area

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