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How to Decorate my Kitchen with Soho Collection

June 4, 2012 Kitchen Design  

kitchens design dica

Soho Collection provide a solution how to decorate my kitchen, so my kitchen seem in simple contemporary design. As shown below..This classic furniture collection includes pieces with simple and pure forms that really embrace the beauty of the design itself. This kitchen collection is perfect for small apartments but it would also look lovely in spacious homes of lofts. It’s created by Muebles Dica and the  name Piedra, the functionality of the designs and these pieces of furniture makes them fit any type of space.

kitchen kabinet design dica

It's like a modular kitchen the versatility of kitchen provides many facilities. This is a complete furniture collection with everything a kitchen needs. There’s a series of tall columns that contains the ovens, the refrigerator and the integrated freezer. Underneath them there’s a series of doors that open to reveal functional storage space for large kitchen utensils, trays and accessories. It is suitable for small families with simple features and definitely durable

kitchen cabinet dica

Using natural palette combined with the gray color, is a very beautiful and elegant kitchen furniture with simple designs. The kitchen provide lots of storage with totally extractable drawers and open shelves. all in easy storage and easy access to everything inside and answer how to decorate my kitchen.

contemporary kitchen dica

kitchen design ideas dica

kitchen cabinet design by dica

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