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Hi Tech HD23 Kitchen Designed by Massimo Castagna for Lovers of Freedom Ideas.

March 15, 2012 Kitchen Design  

hi tech kitchen  rossana

Widespread impression and plenty of freedom for everyone when knowing the kitchen  dreams hi tech HD23 by Rossana. this is a modular  kitchen with best quality and designed by Massimo Castagna, sleek design, a super modern kitchen, perfect for a minimalistic philosophy but without sacrificing extreme luxury. Kitchen  HD23 it can be adjusted to fit your space, your needs and your tastes. The modern design  combined with soft and natural color,  wall units, surfaces, columns and basic snack bars attract a lot of attention. A bold object, on everything: the oven hood with an organic shape, make of it an amazing kitchens. Let’s share the freedom in the kitchen HD23 with family or your friends.

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modern kitchen table rossana

modern kitchen design by rossana

modern modular kitchen rossana

modular kitchen rossana

modern kitchen HD23 rossana

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