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Globe Bio Ethanol Fireplaces for Indoor and Outdoor

June 18, 2012 Fireplace  

bio ethanol fireplace vauni

Do you love the warmth and beauty? featuring  Globe bio ethanol fireplace by Vauni. The indoor and outdoor  bio ethanol fireplaces look absolutely amazing and they are the most eco friendly option of all beside with elegant shape.  Its appealing spherical design is meant to look great as a structure but also to encourage friendly gatherings around it. Globe is a unique piece that will enhance any modern outdoor or indoor scheme. Whether free standing or elevated by a foot, this fireplace can be easily rotated 360 degrees for optimal enjoyment. They don’t require venting to the outside of the home like chimney as a result of burning. This is very practical and allows us to use the fireplace where we like.

modern fireplace design vauni

modern indoor fireplace vauni

indoor bio ethanol fireplace vauni

fireplace globe by vauni

modern fireplace globe vauni

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