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Futurstic Bed Design by Fanstudio – Zero Day Bed

December 19, 2012 Bedroom  

futuristic beds design fanstudio

The things first when we are looking for comfortable beds and there are have guarantee of a good rest in cool futuristic style is   Zero Day Bed  from Fanstudio. The Zero Day Bed is a dream come true, a circular bed shape ultra modern, futuristic design with shell that can be opened, or closed to offer privacy and darkness as you doze.  Zero Day Bed more than mere futuristic bed design, Zero Day Bed set is actually quite functional and relatively minimalist. The essential edges and curved lines to make everything work well as part of the whole bed, and each element reinforces for the floating on water- like the picture above. Available in combinations of white, black and silver, Zero Day Bed  is  futurstic bed design.  For more information, visit Fanstudio.

futuristic beds by  fanstudio

modern bed design  fanstudio

modern round bed design  fanstudio

round bed design  fanstudio

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