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Futuristic Apartment Interior by Natalia farnosova and Elena Samarina

December 27, 2010 Apartments  

spacious futuristic apartment

This futuristic apartment  in Kiev, Ukraine has been designed by Natalia Farnosova and Elena Samarina. The main concept art inside is the futuristic contemporary mosaic. The wide range of shapes and lines, graphics based on the contrast of black and white show the wonders of the spectacular test geometry and simplicity. The apartment is not very large so the preference is given to the provision of study, which combines with the dining room and kitchen. It was hard to put all these kitchen cabinets and integrated appliances in the small area, but the designers have managed to do that good job, so looks is very amazing. An unusual table dining table is shaped like a wave is a striking element of this area. The roof is covered with all the material that looks like velvet. So make apartment so comfortable and looks very perfect.

futuristic apartment home teatre

futuristic apartment  minimalist lounge

futuristic bedroom design

futuristic living room design

futuristic dining table

minimalist kitchent design

futuristic bathroom design

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