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Friendly Apartment Decor Designed by Melinda Néder

November 17, 2011 Interior Design  

friendly interior design Melinda Néder

Hungarian interior design Melinda Néder has finished redesigns an interesting apartment. Modern apartment design iterior looks friendly and still eye-catching. Here description from Melinda Néder : “A friendly, 130m2 modern family home was born from a construction site during one and a half years  The owners had only few requests: that the home must be a modern, sleek style, in black and white colors completed with mainly red and silver. I refined only to change the too much black and white color for anthracite- off-white one, so we got a much more friendly colors. They had an other important request to find a place for vinyl record collection. I got totally free hand during the whole work only I had to consider the budget. I must say I was lucky because the owners fully trusted me so I had the opportunity to dream and to realize the dreams

Elegant silver wallpaper in the hallway, high-gloss furnitures, white glossy finish and red carpet are the elements that welcome the visitors.The living room, dining room and kitchen are in one space. The anthracite-colored furnitures combined with off-white color, where in between the bright red spots vividly stand out. The firewood storage and the built-in storage with shelves are placed in the living room next to a corner fireplace. The kitchen appliances have been installed under the open staircase in this way making full use of dead space. The lightnes of modern glass handrail has an effect to increase the space. The hidden lights of living room and the stairs illuminator small LED lights further enhance the pleasant atmosphere. The owner’s large record collection has been placed in the turn of the staircase”. Amazing apartment with modern display, enjoy the mix of colors and textures this apartment.

modern apartment interior Melinda Néder

decorating ideas Melinda Néder

modern apartment interior design Melinda Néder

modern interior decor Melinda Néder

unique stair in modern apartment Melinda Néder

modern interior decorating ideas Melinda Néder

interior decorating ideas Melinda Néder

friendly apartment interior Melinda Néder

modern bedroom Melinda Néder

modern bedroom design Melinda Néder

modern kitchen design Melinda Néder

minimalist kitchen in apartment Melinda Néder

dining area in apartment Melinda Néder

modern apartment Melinda Néder

minimalist fireplece in apartment Melinda Néder

cabinet in apartment Melinda Néder

modern bathroom in apartment Melinda Néder

modern bathroom vanity in apartment Melinda Néder

modern bathroom vanity Melinda Néder

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