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Fresh and Beautiful House in Singapore Designed by ONG&ONG Architect

July 14, 2011 Architecture  

luxury tropic house design

This house is located in Sentosa Cove in Singapore, designed by ONG&ONG architect . This is a home a suitable the tropical climate with minimal environmental impact, by tapping on available natural resources. So looks beautiful with the trees around the house. Arrangement of the room is also very modern and fresh look by adding a garden indoors. The building’s slimmer east and west facades are a contrast to the wide-open north and south ones. This regulates natural lighting and wind ventilation for efficient thermal circulation. A pitched roof, with its series of repeating slopes, also generates additional skylight openings. And let’s also not forget that this is first and foremost a home for an active couple and their kids. For this, a lap pool and training room ensure that their fitness needs are taken care of. For more information please visit  ONG&ONG architect.

dynamic pool and house designed by ONG&ONG

beautiful tropic house design

modern tropic house in Singapore

fresh livingroom design by ONG&ONG

modern livingroom design by ONG&ONG

fresh livingroom design by ONG&ONG

indoor garden by ONG&ONG architect

modern kitchen design

minimalist kitchen area

unique staircase design

natural bathroom area

fresh and beautiful bathroom design

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