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Floor Lamp with Group Seating from Beau & Bien

September 13, 2013 Lighting  

Floor Lamp With Group Seating from Beau

Today we want to present this stylish floor lamp inspired by trees from Beau & Bien. The beautiful headlights design also serve as shelter and as a bench, making it a perfect place for a conversation on the deck or on the side of the pool. Beau Bien offers Bright Tree & in a number of forms. The version shown here is “Zeste”, on the basis of webbing. Other models included the “smile”, which replaced the webbing with smooth fiberglass finish, and “Union”, which has a flat, teak-so on the bench. Each version includes a typical skeleton Tree light and shade at the top, to make a design statement and utility work harmoniously. As a unique and interesting design of this lamp to complement the design of the exterior, but who know’s maybe there are people who liked this design for the design of the room as well.

floor lamp Beau & Bien

floor lamp design Beau & Bien

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