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Floatation Tank I-Sopod The Purest Form of Relaxation with Futuristic Design

May 30, 2011 Bathroom Design  

beauty Floatation Tank i-sopod

The i-sopod bathtub is floating freely as it is suspended in a shallow pool. Surprisingly, there is ample room for showering even though it’s constructed of minimalist lines and futuristic shape. Like a spaceship sleek and stylish interior designed to transport the user to a new world of absolute calm and tranquility, the i-sopod is a sanctuary that is almost impenetrable silence as the belly, where anxiety and stress will be disappear. Designed to take floatation with advanced technology. Visit the i-Sopod website for complete info.

floatation Tank innovative design

elegant floatation tank i-sopod

futuristic floatation tank i-sopod

innovative desgin floatation tank i-sopod

innovative floatation tank i-sopod

modern bathtub floatation tank i-sopod

white floatation tank i-sopod

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