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Fireplace with an Amazing Design from AK47 -Thor

January 26, 2011 Fireplace  

contemporary fireplace design

Ifyou looking for an amazing fireplace Ak47 – Thor  give a solution, an outdoor fireplace is the area which gives you the comfort, warm atmosphere and coziness that you look for when you are spending some time with your friends and family in your backyard or patio  in the evening or  in winter. AK47 design studio brings an impressive fireplace, elegant and unique. Designed to be the center of attention, Thor fireplace is high in place while you feed the fire with elegant wood pieces displayed on the sides. It requires only a small space, but dominates the environment with its vertical structure. Easy to assemble, Thor brings functionality and modern design. Easy to clean and easy to move, so you can store anywhere you wish, small rooms can use this modern fireplace

amazing fireplace design

modern fireplace design

simple fireplace design

fireplace easy to install

fireplace easy to carry

outdoor modern firepalce

easy to clean fireplace

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