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Extra Large Modern Lamp Design by Matthieu Ongena

March 23, 2011 Lighting  

modern lamp vegetale

Extra large modern lamp designed Matthieu Ongena is  contemporary in design  these massive suspension, with floor lamps and wall lamp design, this is  the latest trend in modern decor.  Matthieu Ongena created the lamps for French company LM Studio. This lamp is very elegant and very applicable in the living room, dining room or we just stick to the wall. Many colors and shapes according to your choice, and are available in glass or plexiglass, with screens in a variety of materials and colors. The lamp body is finished in stainless steel or chrome. These  is modern lamp a ideal for use together to develop a custom lighting scheme, further customization is possible because we are bespoke and custom, and can be specified to suit the individual

modern red  lamp trident

modern lamp arc

modern lamp saturne

modern lamp balancier

modern lamp asteroidee

elegant lamp design LM Studio

modern desk lamp surmesure

modern floor lamp surmesure

modern round lamp surmesure

modern white lamp floor LM Studio

extra large lamp surmesure

modern wall lamp rotative

modern wall lamp pendule

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