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Exclusive Black and White Apartment Design by Geometrix

September 13, 2011 Apartments  

black and white furniture designby geometrix

If you looking for black and white modern apartment, evoking memorable moments the famous actress of the 1950′s, Marilyn Monroe. Some famous interior decorators from Moscow, Geometrix, introducing modern black and white apartment design. The combination of black and white gives a rare elegance, while the furniture is an expression of style, class and exclusivity. The chandeliers, its sausages, the lamps to encourage the rooms, while art objects highlight the beauty of a spectacular space that is hard to forget.  Let’s see some pictures of this black and white apartment below, and hope you inspired.

black and white living roong in apartment  by geometrix

black and white living room by geometrix

modern home office area

black and white apartment design by geometrix

black and white bedroom designby geometrix

elegant bedroom design  by geometrix

modern bedroom  by geometrix

modern bedroom design  by geometrix

black and white kitchen  design by geometrix

modern kitchen  design by geometrix

black and white dining area  by geometrix

modern dining room design by geometrix

black and white bathroom design by geometrix

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