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Elegant Traditional Kitchen Design from 18th and 19th Century Style

October 26, 2011 Kitchen Design  

traditional kitchen design ideas

This traditional kitchen will be reminds you of 18th- and 19th-century. An elegance of traditional kitchen, design by Joan Nemirow used English furniture styles. He was inspired by the rise of the glass ceiling in the British Museum in London and reading are Verdeau in Paris. The wall cabinets are white; the kitchen island is in color of natural wood. To highlight the high ceilings, there is a steel mesh cap with lights reminiscent of the century, such as furniture. Beautiful kitchen appliances of copper are a cool detail that continues the style. To show that it’s also a modern kitchen, the designer placed also colorful dishes, armchairs and ultramodern appliances. Kitchen design is very beautiful, modern and stylish and of course timeless

white traditional kitchen

traditional kitchen design

cabinet in traditional kitchen design

cabinet traditional  kitchen

traditional dining table in traditional kitchen

traditional lamp design in kitchen traditional

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