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Elegant Sofa Set Furniture from Dexel Crafted

October 14, 2011 Chair & Sofa  

modern furniture by dexel crafted

New furniture from Dexel Crafted which is a famous furniture company has released its newest product in the form of a sofa, coffee table, cabinet. Newest product looks so elegant and looks very stylish. Furniture consists of Angled Sofa, Upholstery over solid maple frame with black walnut details. Traffic island with side table, Custom Black Walnut veneer with quartz surface.  In the dressing with the natural color of wood on his desk that is brown and gray sofas make this newest product seem friendly to the environment where the furniture is in place. The design looks very stylish desk with a triangular shape.  This lounge chair is perfect for cafe and drink coffee while enjoying a movie. Median cabinet and shelf,  custom grey-dyed anigre veneer with ebonized black ash. A combination of materials and colors that are perfect for your room

modern couch  by dexel crafted

Modern sofa by dexel crafted

living room furniture set by dexel

lounge table by dexel crafted

multifunctional furniture by dexel crafted

minimalist table by dexel crafted

funky chair by dexel crafted

minimalist table by dexel crafted

white table by dexel crafted

wood furniture by dexel crafted

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