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Elegance Bathroom Vanities with Carving Floral by Etrusca

October 13, 2011 Bathroom Design  

bathroom vanity by Etrusca

Whether your bathroom vanities look old or you want redesign. It is always easy to make a change and bring new life into a room with fresh vanity design ideas. Featuring chic bathroom vanities by Etrusca, is luxury shape, whit embossed flowers in white or cream base, which adorn the doors of your storage space. The body of the vanity comes in a variety of finishes that contrast or complement bright decorative panels – soft beige or gray shadow fashion is understated and sophisticated, is very elegence looks. An exquisite bathroom that will charm you with its elegant and luxury style you may choose the countertop, hardware and mirror that will fit perfectly this refined décor.

bath vanities by Etrusca

bath vanity by Etrusca

bathroom vanities by Etrusca

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