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Elegance and Modern Interior Design by Shawn Henderson

February 28, 2011 Interior Design  

cozy living room shawnhenderson

Modern elegance interior design, clean and  uncluttered space, well defined decor pieces, cool colors, use traditional, custom and modern element to create harmonious space both relaxed and timeless.  Converting a boring and messy house into a fresh and clean space is the duty of an interior design. Here are some interior design pictures from shane Henderson.

comfortable living room shawnhenderson

comfy living room Greenwich shawnhenderson

contemporary lving room shawnhenderson

elegance livingroom Chelsea shawnhenderson

elegant living room Greenwich shawnhenderson

living room Lower Fifth shawnhenderson

luxury living room shawnhenderson

modern bedroom shawnhenderson

modern living room  Flatiron shawnhenderson

modern living room Chelsea shawnhenderson

Park Avenue shawnhenderson

unique bathroom design  shawnhenderson

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