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Delightful Small Home design in Maryland by Robert Gurney Architect

November 2, 2011 Architecture  

delightful small house Robert Gurney

This delightful a small house Hampden Lane House, situated in Bethesda, Maryland, USA designed by Robert Gurney Architect with 2,200 square feet and with spaces fully utilized. There is also a flat roof providing an additional 1,100 square feet of outdoor living space with views of treetops and the downtown Bethesda skyline.  These according from the project developers: “This house represents a deliberate departure in both the thought process and the realisation of current building trends in the neighbourhood. Instead of building a large house with pretentious ties to the rural past, this new house is smaller with a stronger relationship to the modern, urban area that Bethesda has become. The house is intended to be more site sensitive, environmentally conscious, and to provide comfortable, efficient living spaces“ This is small house designs and gorgeous house that exceeds everyone’s expectations. It is an innovative project that will leave you speechless. What do you think?

hampden small house by Robert Gurney

hampden small house designs Robert Gurney

hampden small house Robert Gurney

hampden small house plan Robert Gurney

living room area in small house Robert Gurney

dining area in small house Robert Gurney

minimalist interior Robert Gurney

modern bedroom in small house Robert Gurney

efficient interior small house Robert Gurney

modern roof terrace in small house

hampden plans house 1

hampden plans house 2

hampden plans house 3

hampden plans house 4

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