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Delightful Rustic Family Home with Modern Look

October 30, 2011 Architecture  

delightful rustic family home

If you looking for inspiration rustic family home with modern look, here’s is the great allowing source of inspiration for those who are currently in search of their dream home. This is a very delightful home with a remarkably inviting interior design. Living room decorations display a contrasting combination of textures, materials, finishes and colors. The brick wall is very eye-catching and then to kitchen where you relax and sometimes celebrate the occasion and take your dinner with family or friends. It’s a spacious area and it’s very simple and yet so functional and practical. The room is directly connected to an outdoor terrace through sliding glass doors. A library with some books at hall house. Comfortable bedroom design use soft color and rugs. That is idea that we offer them to you, about a rustic family home with modern looks. Found on {domusnova}

modern living room in rustic home

modern living room design

beautiful living room in rustic home

living room in rustic home

kithcen area in rustic home

modern kitchen in rustic home

modern kitchen design

bedroom design in rustic house

modern library in rustic home

modern bathroom in rustic family home

modern stair case in rustic home

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