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Delightful Modern House with Natural Light in village of Goeblange, Southern Luxembourg

October 25, 2011 Architecture  

modern house Metaform

This is a delightful house located in the village of Goeblange, southern Luxembourg, Two Row Houses is a contemporary architecture project belonging to Luxembourg-city-based studio Metaform. Description from architects: “The path of movement and space that has divided the house is characterized by the slab of glass on the first floor. It helps to penetrate the skylights overhead light to the entrance on the ground floor. Thus, the disadvantage of unfavorable light due to the considerable depth of 15 meters building is removed. The house is flooded with skylights that are sent from the bottom of the afternoon and therefore avoids the use of prominent luminaries. A large glass opening (10x3m) characterizes the interest brought to light the exterior and the landscape and try to eliminate the physical boundaries of the house. The proximity and orientation of the basin of water reflects the sun’s rays on the walls and ceiling of the central space, which is commonly used throughout the day. Building regulations, impose a gable roof of marriage, was the source of reflection for the fifth facade, the roof deck. The idea of ​​covering the facade with the same panels of fiber-reinforced cement monolithic facade of the house and also raises the question of the relevance of a gable roof that is often imposed by irregular building regulations.  The same treatment that reduces or eliminates even the boundaries between the vertical surface (front) and the inclined surface (roof). The complex construction is based on a traditional setting, with exposed beams and deck and construction of metal used to hold panels of fiber cement roofing. Leaving aside the architectural and aesthetic considerations, which may reveal an advantage, is not negotiable, due to the considerable height of the training. Will present a full species in summer is generous ventilation thereby preventing overheating of the rooms of the structure and habitable attic”. Beautiful house with contemporary and minimalist design, from floor to ceiling windows and access to a lovely green yard with pond, this is elegance house in the village of Goeblange, southern Luxembourg

Delightful Modern Houses Metaform

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modern interior decorating Metaform

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modern house design Metaform

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