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Decorating Kids Rooms in Hospital by Dan Pearlman

February 14, 2012 Interior Design  

decorating kids rooms Dan Pearlman

Recently the agency creative Dan Pearlman kids room designs and cooperate with Queen Elizabeth Hospital create  for the kid’s psychiatry ward at a German hospital.  Is a new concept of hospital design for the treatment and cure without clinic atmosphere: Out of colours, shapes, materials, light and air, such a place is created with a history, that satisfies medical standards of care equally for children and young people and their emotional needs. Very amazing beautiful and colorful interior decorated, and the most important thing is to eliminate the atmosphere of the hospital was a boring place, the interior light that you feel will never get back. Even more, for children, the hospital is only one scene, dead, boring, and what fun it is not the healing process of children is slow.  Architects worked along with doctors to devise this interior concept that facilitates communication and promotes comfort and enjoyment. The goal is to avoid this clinical atmosphere, so..patients with a pleasant atmosphere will quickly recover.

fun kids room Dan Pearlman

kids room Dan Pearlman

kids room design Dan Pearlman

kids furniture Dan Pearlman

children room design Dan Pearlman

colorful kids room  Dan Pearlman

kids room design by Dan Pearlman

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