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Cute Tiny Chairs Bull Shaped Design by Ander Lizaso

October 12, 2011 Chair & Sofa  

kids furniture Ander Lizaso

Featuring cute tiny chairs designed by Spanish designer Ander Lizaso. Bull is perfect furniture piece and safety for children between 3 and 6 years old. Made out of cut Baltic birch plywood, using best material, Bull is a tiny chair with a backrest shaped like a spinning wheel. The backrest is shaped like a spinning wheel so when placed upside down it can roll along the floor. When placed upside down this chair can be used as a basket for children’s toys, a trolley, a pet, the possibilities are limitless with a child’s imagination. This chair would be a cool addition to your kid’s room.

kids furniture by Ander Lizaso

bull chair for kids by Ander Lizaso

bull kids chair by Ander Lizaso

chairs kid by Ander Lizaso

funny kids chair by Ander Lizaso

bull kid chairs by Ander Lizaso

kids furniture bull by Ander Lizaso

sketches kids furniture by Ander Lizaso

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