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Cozy..! Modular Sofa Design in Living Room by Fama

November 3, 2011 Chair & Sofa  

living room furniture ideas Fama

The sofa is likely to be the largest and most influential piece of furniture in a living room. is difficult to a balance between convenience colors or layout in the living room. Introducing some great ideas for living room furniture named Arianne. Arianne is a new concept of modular that brings back the essence from the ’60s. With its casual seating low and the chances of funky, Arianna is a modular sofa that can arrange and rearrange to your liking. You can choose to go with a uniform color or pattern, or can be creative and mix and match different colors and patterns for a unique look. This freedom of design allows the seat certainly is a very attractive feature, especially for those who like to change from time to time look inside the living room without a huge reform. In the living room will create a space that you can be proud because it has a modular sofa from Fama

modern modular sofa Fama

modular sofas Fama

modern living room furniture sofa Fama

living room sofa Fama

modular living room furniture Fama

modular sofa Fama

modular sofa living room sets Fama

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