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Cozy Family Home with Open Plans Ideas by MM Architects

July 21, 2012 House Design  

open plan floor MM  Architects

The idea of open plan space is perfect for family socializing, this proved in lovely home located in the Go Vap District of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Coziness and peaces is one of dream from studio MM  Architects. The main space in contemporary house in Vietnam is for obtaining an exotic and green view from living rooms. With open plan living room allows people to be in touch with nature, a provide a miniature indoor garden equipped by  tropical plants to  contributes to the relaxed atmosphere. By combining traditional construction principals and contemporary design ideas, the architects managed to develop a home that is both elegant and comfortable even with restrictive budget. This amazing…This house has the two floor and each of the bedrooms are characterized by a distinctive color and cozy, is very classy and innovative.

modern homes design MM  Architects

open plan floor kitchen MM  Architects

open plan MM  Architects

modern design interior MM  Architects

modern kitchen  MM  Architects

modern kitchen  MM  Architects

modern badroom design

modern  bedrooms design

kids bedroom design

modern bathroom design MM  Architects

contemporary homes deisgn MM  Architects

contemporary houses MM  Architects

home plan MM  Architects 1

home plan MM  Architects 2

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