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Cozy and Modern Residence With Nature Stunning

February 28, 2011 Interior Design  

Living room Dane Design Australia

It’s always a pleasure a modern residence surrounded by nature stunning  with sustainable features, but isn’t pretentious. This a beautiful residence with  connection to the outdoors give freshness and coolness remarkable. Featuring many nature elements combination of stone, dark wood and glass, the facade has a striking contemporary look. Large glazed windows create a connection between the indoor living space and the surrounding nature. An interior courtyard further creates an equilibrated feeling of belonging to nature. Every room in the house was exploited by the architects from Dane Design Australia includes. The light filled spaces with a direct connection to the court yard and the natural forest surrounding the property. An open garden and  fireplace  outside to enjoy summer evenings casual furniture and soft finishes to set the mood, a refuge from the bustle of city. The cozy  modern residence with nature stunning is everyone’s dream.  A shelter that provides all the comfort and serenity.

modern living area by Dane Design Australia

comfy living room area by Dane Design Australia

moder residence with nature stunning Dane Design Australia

contemporary residence Dane Design Australia

cozy living room by Dane Design Australia

modern bedroom design

modern bedroom Dane Design Australia residence

open garden by Dane Design Australia

residence Dane Design Australia

modern bathroom design

Modern residence Dane Design Australia

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