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Cool Wooden Table for Space Saving Solution for Cat Owners

May 22, 2014 Furniture  

wooden table design LYCS Architecture

This is a cool cat table made from wooden and designed by Ruan Hao of LYCS Architecture as versatility that solves the space problems for both humans and their feline friends and a place where a feline friend can participate in a work environment without infringing on the work surface, allows cats to interact with the person. The dual-purpose wooden table has been created from a single piece of solid wood with carefully carved by hand to create a variety of voids, if you laptop is put away and its time for cat play, your cat can always hop on top of the table for a little purring session of affectionate pampering. That is space saving solution for cat owners. How about you?

cat table LYCS Architecture

wooden cat table LYCS Architecture

desk cat design LYCS Architecture

desk cat LYCS Architecture

desk cat design by LYCS Architecture

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