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Contemporary Shelf Lamp Ushanki by Decorkuznetsov Studio

October 15, 2011 Lighting  

contemporary shelf lamp by Decorkuznetsov Studio

Decorkuznetsov Studio has designed a collection of Shelf Lamps Ushanki, a simple and minimalist. Shelf lights has three different sizes, precisely named : shelf- father, shelf-mother ,shelf- children, there are lights inside each rack. Shelf form is derived from the earplugs from shapka-ushanka, formerly a national cap ukraine. Curved shapes and bold blue contribute to fool around from three-point hidden in MDF and solid wood structure and contained a fluorescent bulb, casting light on all of the contents of the shelves, making functional ‘ushanki’ as a bedside table or bookshelf .

floor lamps by Decorkuznetsov Studio

beautiful shelf lamp by Decorkuznetsov Studio

lamp shelf lamp by Decorkuznetsov Studio

unique lamp by Decorkuznetsov Studio

house lamp by Decorkuznetsov Studio

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