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Contemporary Kitchen Design by Snaidero – Ola20

November 12, 2011 Kitchen Design  

contemporary kitchen Champagne Ola Snaidero

This new kitchen design named Ola20 by Snaidero,with a new softer look, the kitchen retains many original features, but incorporates refined aesthetic choices. The dome of the extractor is maintained and the doors have been given a more minimalist, with the addition of integrated handles. A new countertop support has also been introduced to the island units and units of the peninsula bar and it is this much sculpted design gives the kitchen an unmistakable touch of Pininfarina. We’d love to know what you think of the kitchen look new compared Ola20 the original wave, which can be seen below. And which version will be a favorite kitchen in your home.

modern kitchen Ola20 Snaidero

OLA_C1_ 045

white kitchen design Ola20 Snaidero

elegant kitchen cabinet Ola20 Snaidero

cabinet kitchen Ola20 Snaidero

modern kitchen design Ola20 Snaidero

contemporary kitchen design Ola Snaidero

elegant kitchen design Ola Snaidero

contemporary kitchen Ola Snaidero

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