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Contemporary Ceiling Lamp Design by Masiero – Anima

October 12, 2011 Lighting  

ceiling light Anima Maisero

Masiero has become a famous leader of contemporary glass lighting designs.  And now featuring beautiful lamp named Anima clean and simple white cylinder shaped lights. With hand blown in the old tradition of Masiero glass making, Available in two colors it is the glass droplets that hang from them that make them charming. A bit mystical they add an element of fantasy that is fun and stylish. Anima is home ceiling lighting, with beautiful shapes and jewel-like hues will form an eyecatching focal point and brighten up a room even when switched off!

ceiling lamp Anima Maisero

ceiling light by Maisero

ceiling light anima by Maisero

ceiling lighting anima by Maisero

lamp glass anima by Maisero

glass light fixtures Anima Maisero

lamp glass Anima Maisero

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