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Contemporary Bookcase SALAMANDRE by NONAH

February 1, 2011 Furniture  

modern  bookcase SALAMANDRE

If you looking for contemporary bookcase the SALAMANDRE bookcase is a modular system, whit  steel accessories to combine  solid birch cabinets, in order to create your own personalized NONAH bookcase. You can choose the furniture you want to create the library of your imagination, or you can select one of the 3 systems already designed: 7 modules Salamandre, Salamandre Salamandre 5 modules and 3 modules. We will deliver the metal fittings (foot, holders of books and links between cabinets) necessary to the cabinets ordered. very practical and to make it easier when you want to store your favorite books or articles, Likes children because there is a wide selection of beautiful colors, SALAMANDRE bookcases provide the best solutions and provide facilities and beautify your rooms

contemporary bookcase by NONAH

contemporary bookcase SALAMANDRE

stylish bookcase SALAMANDRE

unique contemporary bookcase

creative contemporary bookcase


creative bookcase NONAH

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