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Contemporary Billiard Table by MBM Billardi – Cabochon and Parigi

October 6, 2011 Furniture  

contemporary cabochon billiard table by MBM bilardi

If you want to invite guests for dinner, you can invite them to make a game of billiards, using a table of  Parigi billiar amazing, and billiards Cabochon which can function as a dining table by MBM Billardi, even without changing location. The Cabochon and Parigi models boast an especially modern aesthetic well suited for a contemporary home. Cabochon : The billiard table is made of seasoned wood in the year and selected by teachers of high cabinet. Its sinuous outline and make it elegant. The skin that covers it is signed by the best Italian tanneries. The wrap-around legs and round, with no facets are forged one by one, from foundries to historical tradition and made bright by expert  craftsmen. The plan that covers the pool table, made of carved wood and painted with passion and tradition and framed with an aluminum wire that highlights the perimeter is made even more important to a crystal set oval mirror, turning it into an elegant dining table. Dimensions (cm): Playing field measures External dimensions :180×90 233×143, 224×112 277×165, 254×127 307×180.

Parigi : The billiard-table Paris is built entirely with wood beech wood. The inside of the frame is reinforced with steel beams painted. The pool table is made completely dismantled thanks to the anchoring systems studied. Frame and top sides finished as champions. The banks are available in the traditional Italian version, Pool, International without pockets, Snooker, Russian pyramid. Slate playing surface. Top in finished wood as samples, divided into four pieces. Dimensions (cm): Playing field measures External dimensions : 180×90 219×129, 224×112 263×151, 254×127 293×166. The components of billiards are manufactured by automated CNC machines ensures the squaring and the adjustment of the perfect game plan, giving the billiard high quality and technology. The billiard table is designed to be used in championships at national and international. The product is fully manufactured in Italy.

Elegant cabochon billiard dining table by MBM Bilardi

modern cabochon billiard table by MBM Bilardi

Billiard dining table by MBM Bilardi

unique parigi dining table by MBM Bilardi

antique billiard tables BY mbm bILARDI

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