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Contemporary Bedroom Furniture by Carpanelli – Iride

March 3, 2012 Bedroom  

bedroom furniture sets carpanelli

At the beginning of this month we want to share the beauty decors bedroom contemporary classic as ideas for your bedroom is very bright classic style inspired by Carpanelli. Called Iride come with  balanced marriage between tradition and innovation, looks elegant, stylish, romantic. This bedroom collection invites comfort, relaxation and aesthetics are beautiful to live together. Using best material and no toxic with skilled craftsmanship is obvious, the materials used (wood, metal, glass, leather) are strong but applied in a gracious way. The colors make subtle and sophisticated contemporary classic bedroom distinguished and gives us a glimpse of hope in making a beautiful era. Style curved with natural color wood variation has a unique appeal. For more information visit Carpanelli.

classic contemporary bedroom furniture iride carpanelli

contemporary bedcroom furniture  carpanelli

classic bedroom furniture carpanelli

classic bedroom furniture iride carpanelli

bedroom furnitre carpanelli

contemporary bedroom furniture carpanelli

bedroom furniture contemporary

bedroom cabinet carpanelli

bedroom cabinet furniture carpanelli

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