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Colorful Sugamo Shinkin Bank – Rainbow mille-feuille

May 14, 2011 Architecture  

Rainbow mille feuille design

Amazing Sugamo Shinkin Bank with colourful design like rainbow,  everyone when look will be spontaneously look up to see a cut-out piece of the sky that invites them to gaze languidly at it, very amazing with combination of color. Sugamo Shinkin Bank designed  by Emmanuelle Moureaux architecture this is a very beautiful office building  and for this project, we sought to create a refreshing atmosphere with a palpable sense of nature based on an open sky motif.  At night, the layers of colors are dimly lit. The lighting varies according to season and time of day, the evocation of multiple landscapes. Sugamo Shinkin Bank interior design with modern furniture and  bright colors are combined in different ways. Using wooden floor,  favorite accent is the chairs  and  table with different colors. Three long glass airwells thread through the first and second levels of the building, flooding the interior with natural light, looks fresh and bright atmosphere, even we at inside the room,  this is  the creative ideas.

colorful Sugamo Shinkin Bank  design

amazing Sugamo Shinkin Bank

colorful Sugamo Shinkin Bank

beautiful Sugamo Shinkin Bank  design

colorful Sugamo Shinkin Bank design idea

modern and colorful Sugamo Shinkin Bank

dynamic Sugamo Shinkin Bank

colorful Sugamo Shinkin Bank  design interior

bright Sugamo Shinkin Bank

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