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Colorful Couch Collection by Pepe Tanzi- Blitz

September 22, 2011 Chair & Sofa  

contemporary couch by Pepe Tanzi

If you want to find a colourful couch that can make you feel comfortable and multifunctional, you can choose a fantastic collection of Biesse Spa.  Blitz  created by designer Pepe Tanzi uses bright colors of autumn, similar to all the colors of the rainbow. By combining the best of modern manufacturing, Italian design is able to provide beautifully designed products that will offer a lifetime of enjoyment. Eight seconds is the time required to change the Blitz from sofa to bed and vice versa. Roll used to lean can be removed, and the seat is lowered, then it can be used as a bed that is ready to receive the pillow. Above can be equipped with sheets and blankets hood type. Roll back can be placed upright on the floor to reserve rooms. Sofa can be reshaped as a small chair, which is suitable to be put on the dining room or can be used to complement the living room. Blitz made of materials that have a bearing structure of chrome-plated tubes. Blitz has a metallic frame with wooden slats inserted into the foam, has a high resistance soft polyurethanic with different thicknesses of acrylic fiber wrap. A couch is very comfortable and versatile. For more information visit 6a3a

sofa couch by Pepe Tanzi

modern couch design by Pepe Tanzi

minimalist sofa couch design by Pepe Tanzi

minimalist sofa couch by Pepe Tanzi

sofa couch pepe tanzi

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