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Colorful Apartment Design Ideas for Men’s Living

February 18, 2011 Apartments  

a men apartmen design Andrew

Colorful apartment ideas for men’s living  is located in Washington Heights, New York and has over 1,000 square feet. Belongs to two men and three dogs, but you will see a slightly different, you can see all kinds of colors in it, from blue and white and finished in bright hues of orange and yellow.  Indeed, the fact that each room has a basic color for decoration is one of the greatest features.  that it shows ownwers’ personalities which will make the apartment seem more elegant and comfortable. But at this apartment owners showed a different art style, using bright colors like in the bedroom living room and the placement of paintings that create a beautiful room, the apartment is comfortable and beautiful looks. Everything that exists is simple and modern taste. [apartmenttherapy]

colorful apartmen design Andrew

a men apartment living room Andrew

hall apartment Andrew

cozy bedroom in a men apartment Andrew

orange longue in apartmen Andrew

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