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Collection of Modern Bathroom Furniture by Lasa Idea – Metropolis

March 16, 2012 Bathroom Design  

modern bathroom furniture by Lasa Idea

Lasa Idea is manufacture minimalist and modern bathroom furniture  very famous in italian, and one of the famous product is  Metropolis a minimalist collection of bathroom furniture. Available in 40 standard matt or gloss lacquered colours as well as all the RAL lacquer shades. Metropolis is modular collection bathroom furniture with by modern feature and urban landscapes, minimalist bathroom is comprised of hard lines and sharp angles which are then softened by the ergonomic lines. These bathroom was designed very beautiful with white colors allowing clean and fresh looks. Check out minimalist bathroom furniture pictures below and share opinion with Us. Enjoy!

modern bathroom vanities  metropolis

bathroom cabinet furniture by Lasa Idea

bathroom cabinet furniture metropolis

bathroom cabinets modern metropolis

bathroom furniture metropolis

bathroom furniture design by Lasa Idea

bathroom furniture picture

bathroom sink cabinet metropolis

bathroom vanity metropolis

minimalist bathroom furniture metropolis

modern bathroom  by Lasa Idea

modern bathroom design by Lasa Idea

modern bathroom sink metropolis

modern bathroom vanities motropolis

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