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Collection Modern Art Rugs by Design Carpets

January 12, 2012 Rugs  

modern art rugs design carpets

Most homes have up to date architectural designs, and this is the reason why modern rugs are increasing in popularity because they blend perfectly in this setting. Featuring collection modern art rugs  by Design Carpets, wool rugs in a variety of dimensions, featuring daring shapes and vibrant color palettes, creating art you can walk on or hang up on the wall, just as you would a traditional masterpiece. Pamper your feet with these contemporary art rugs,  graphic patterns that catch the eye and invite you to touch and appreciate everything about these quality wool rugs, transforming art into textile. These modern rugs make a confident style statement in the modern home. This modern art rugs by Design Carpets, adding to the opulence of a home, and they also exhibit a long-lasting feature.

modern rugs by design carpets

contemporary art rugs by modern carpets


modern art rugs design

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