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Collection Modern and Elegant Bedroom From Spacify

March 22, 2011 Bedroom  

modern bedroom Meti Platform

Collection modernand elegant bedroom from Spacify is timeless, sophisticated and refined! Black and White is one of the amazing and most classy color combinations dominating today’s modern bedroom landscape. The brown color add to the elegance of the bedroom, and another collection of colors from Spacify. While its stylistic proportions are utterly impressive and certainly make a bold statement, the practicality of using a yellow and white rugs in the bedroom entails a look that is very hard to get wrong or get tired of as well as a look that underlines pure surfaces, lines and structures which convey architectural impression and design ingenuity. All the comforts of a bed frame half is here, but with a touch of leather upholstery, and you can be sure of being the only one on the block with a single bedroom set. The stark white skin stands out in any environment, and simple structure, be sure to remain a classic for years to come. box spring is not necessary.

contemporary bedroom Cloud Queen

minimalist Welton Bed

elegant white and black Nightfly Queen Bed

modern bedroomSoho Platform

modern bedroom design spacify

elegant bedroom Soho Platform

modern bed Cloud Queen

modern white Aurora Queen

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