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Collection Fireplace with Bio-ethanol Warm and Cozy by Brandoni

March 30, 2011 Fireplace  

Bioetanol fireplace  CONE

Collection fireplace Brandoni amazing using bio-ethanol, it is a biological and environmentally friendly fuel.  fermentation process from sugar – glucose transformed into alcohol by yeast. The fermentation process can derive ethanol by any material that contains sugar. There’s no coal or wood creating ash and dust, this  is fuelled by bio ethanol, which is clean, smoke-free and environmentally friendly as it gives off low carbon emissions and is manufactured from a sustainable plant-based source. Many collection fireplace Brandoni and you can select.  A flexible fireplace so you can place on the floor or taped to the wall are all very practical and wonderful. Another plus point for collection fireplace from Brandoni  it doesn’t need a chimney. It is self contained so can be positioned wherever you want it to be, and can be moved around at will for maximum effect.

Bioetanol fireplace  EQUO

Bioetanol fireplace  MAJOR

Bioetanol fireplace  MUST

Bioetanol fireplace  OPEN

Bioetanol fireplace  SQUARE

Bioetanol fireplace COBLONAL

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