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Collection Contemporary Bathroom Design – Eden by Cerasa

February 9, 2011 Bathroom Design  

contemporary bathroom design

Italian bathrooms bring life to a cool,  minimalist and clean as shown by the contemporary bathroom design-Eden by Cerasa. Combine the timeless aseptic rigour of a minimalist philosophy with the most natural approach already experimented in “liberty style”.  Simple and elegant with vibrant pops of color, rich lacquered finishes, interesting shapes, and of course, lighting that can be compared to art. The modular elements let you mix and match as required, to suit your style and your bathrooms space, large or small. Satisfaction with exceptional art and you will be proud to have one of collection contemporary bathroom design from Cerasa.

white elegant contemporary bathroom design

luxury white batroom

luxury white bathroom design

elegant bathroom design

contemporary bathroom design with red accent

fantastic bathroom design by cerasa

amazing bathroom design

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