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Charming, Minimalist Apartment Design in Slovakia

February 21, 2011 Apartments  

contemporary living room design by neopolis

If you looking for charming  apartment with simple style but very comfy, is Studio Neopolis completed this charming apartment in Banská Bystrica town in the middle Slovakia.  With use of basic colors  red, black and white, the  furniture at the wall without the legs  for automatic vacuum cleaner, the color of floors and doors was set with oak wood.  Amazing minimalist style in this apartment but very comfortable.  The kitchen is very small,  Therefore the interior space of the kitchen is located to a maximum of one person at a time. We have designed a bar next to the kitchen to eat says. To eat occasionally there is a dresser with folding table for 4 people in the living room. Beside this sideboard are just a few pieces of furniture in the room – large red sofa with coffee table, and audio and video box to TV. The room is small, with only a double bed, built-in cupboard and comfortable – all in a simple style in black and white. You will really enjoy, what has been done by designing Studio Neopolis apartment is very charming.

modern living room design by neopolis

modern bedroom design

modern bedroom by neopolis

minimalist kitchen design by neopolis

dinning area in apartment by neopolis

hall in charming apartment

hall in apartment by neopolis

plan apartment

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