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Charming Apartment with Modern Design Interior

March 12, 2011 Apartments  

elegant living room design

Charming apartment with modern design interior , white walls almost all floor apartment using a natural wood color, placement of furniture in each room is very dynamically add more elegant apartment and charming. With Totalizing 92 square meters (3,5 rooms), this amazing looking duplex features tall windows with deep niches, a ceiling height of 3.15 meters, renovated kitchen and an all-equipped bathroom. Add an additional floors downstairs with large windows, a vault of brick and individual entrance from the courtyard and you may get a glimpse of how living in this apartment could be like. People who live in this apartment like art, many paintings on display in the room. there is even a special room for painting. an extraordinary residential and convenient

elegant living room

unique apartment design

white living room in apartment

modern living room with TV

art room design

dinamyc hall in apartment

modern kitchen design

white modern kitchen

elegant kitchen in aparment

modern dinning area

modern bedroom design

modern working area

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