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Charming 111 Square Meters Apartment House in Stockholm

March 22, 2011 Apartments  

modern living room design

Charming apartment house in Stockholm is luxurius house and spacious with modern design.  House design in shades of brown in under stairs with a book case adorning one wall.  Red white color with the beautiful picture in dining area. The balcony is also well decorated and overlooking the busy streets and houses covered with snow. If you check out the luxury kitchen and appliances, will not be disappointed, black cuisine is exotic stone in a matter otherwise white. White and high chairs make up the furniture in the small kitchen area. Everything is color coordinated, and very in tune with the overall theme. The interiors are so special. This makes apartment house in Stockholm looks is very modern and luxury

modern living room in under stairs

modern white bedroom design Stockholm

modern bedroom in Stockholm

modern bedroom in apartment Stockholm

lounge rooms in apartment Stockholm

modern balcony design

charming dining area with picture

charming dining area Stockholm

charming kitchen area in apartment Stockholm

charming and modern kitchen design

modern black and white kitchen

hall in apartment Stockholm

modern bathroom and shower Stockholm

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