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Luxury House with Combine Glass, Wood, and Light in the Armada House Designed by Keith Baker Design

August 5, 2011 House Design  

beautiful armada house by Keith Baker

Very amazing the house is combined with glass, wood and light situated in Victoria, BC, Canada, designed  by Keith Baker Design. Through collaboration and the application of the appropriate architectural style and aesthetic sense, we can create a dream home and will enjoy that nuance. creativity and collaboration between the designer and the client prove the Armada House is very beautiful looks. Wood and glass seem to define interior and exterior spaces effortlessly. The interiors feature wooden beams accentuate the feeling of an overdose of natural elements. Large open spaces are the kitchen, dining and living room appear to be part of a brilliant story of comfort. No space is not used – all the walls have no windows that flood the interiors with light elements and design that reinforces the idea of ​​relaxation and comfort. A huge skylight in the master bath ensures exceptional moments in the tub under the blue sky or you can enjoy moonlight at night.

unique armada house by Keith Baker

luxury armada house by Keith Baker

dynamic living room design

dynamic kitchen area by Keith Baker

modern kitchen in armada house by Keith Baker

wooden kitchen design by Keith Baker

cozy bedroom design by Keith Baker

elegant bedroom in armada house

lucury bedroom in armada house

luxury bathroom desgin by Keith Baker

modern bathroom design

modern batroom in armada house

beautiful outdoor by Keith Baker

cozy teracce in armada house by Keith Baker

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