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Modern Rugs Design by Nodus – Pompon

January 15, 2013

If you are looking for modern rugs design, Pompon red rugs is the choice with unique shape, such as tree roots that spread and made by Nodus. Pompon is made of 100% wool, hand tufted, amazing red color and produced in India. It measures 200cm in diameter and 10-30 cm in height, it’s a striking... 

modern rugs by Nodus

Nature Rugs by Daisy Garden Rug

December 4, 2012

Daisy Garden Rug make your home complete with nature rugs, playful and interactive rug design. Soft rugs with green colors, perfect place to daily activity  (barefoot, of course) like little games, do a floral rearrangement for fun, read a paperback or tablet. (  Each rug is hand-woven with grass-like... 

natural rugs daisy carpet joe jin

Collection Modern Art Rugs by Design Carpets

January 12, 2012

Most homes have up to date architectural designs, and this is the reason why modern rugs are increasing in popularity because they blend perfectly in this setting. Featuring collection modern art rugs  by Design Carpets, wool rugs in a variety of dimensions, featuring daring shapes and vibrant color... 

modern art rugs design carpets

Beautiful Flower Motif Rugs Design by Piodao

November 23, 2011

This is beautiful rugs with red flower motif and very soft when our feet touched this carpet. Inspired by the blossoming fields around Piodao, region of Portugal. Made of 100% New Zealand wool, the vibrant red and green color scheme adds a lively pop of color to any room. These rugs are available in... 

beautiful flower motif rugs Piodao

An Innovative Carpet Design for Comfort Dispenser – Tarkett

November 12, 2011

Named Tarkett is essentially a large roll, can be used as a bench or unraveled and transformed into a seating / lounging area. An innovative carpet design it’s allows for flexible solutions for usual living activities. A place for children to play, a place for you or your guests to rest or nap, or... 

modern carpet Tarkett