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Bright and Elegant Apartment in Stockholm

September 26, 2011 Apartments  

bright and elegant apartment in Stockholm

This apartment located in the heart of Stockholm with bright and elegant, space for those seeking peace and quiet. Occupying the first of four floors of a building of 1928, the department shows a smooth distribution of space. Offers plenty of storage room in wardrobes with sliding doors, nicely decorated with mirrors to visually expand the space. Dark tiles in the hallway to create a refined atmosphere. The north-facing master bedroom has a walk-in closet with plenty of storage space, while the white-painted pine floors, walls papered in bright natural light from large windows provide a pleasant light and airy impression. The bathroom features sleek and modern, with glass doors on the shower tiles and dark anthracite. The bathroom door glass has a handle that glows red when it is busy, decorated with white and black. So simple and elegant apartment in Stockholm

contemporary living rooms in apartment

contemporary bedroom in apartment

cozy bedroom design

cabinets bedroom in apartment Stockholm

elegant kitchen area in apartment

dining area in apartment

modern kitchens design

white hall apartment design

hall apartment  in Stockholm

elegant apartment in Stockholm

elegant hall apartment in Stockholm

bathroom in apartment Stockholm

map apartments Stockholm

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